intermediateSituation: You can understand and produce language about personal or familiar topics and you can communicate with natives about most topics on a basic level, albeit haltingly. You can handle language which is directed to you and adjusted to your level. This is roughly equal to CEFR B1.

Goal: Be able to understand general, non-specialist content produced by native speakers for native speakers. Be able to communicate with native speakers about similar topics, albeit not necessarily completely correctly.

Here are some typical questions belonging to the intermediate level:

  • I feel that I can communicate in Chinese, how do I keep improving?
  • How do I deepen my knowledge and broaden my vocabulary?
  • How do I take the step from intermediate to advanced?

It’s relatively easy to write suggestions for beginners, simply because their situations tend to be similar. Reaching the intermediates level, however, students have already trod wildly different paths and general recommendations become very hard to produce. Thus, if you feel that you’re having problems with a specific area, I suggest checking the pages about listening, speaking, reading and writing.

You can also browse articles relevant for intermediate learners (scroll down to see all of them in a text-only list):

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2 thoughts on “Intermediate”

  1. Hi sir,

    I am sooo lucky to stumble upon your website whilst looking up for articles on exceptions in Chinese tones as I am at the moment trying my best, studying until wee hours to learning to speak Chinese. You see I am a performer here in a certain hotel here in Qingdao and my job requires me to communicate with people. I do sing in Chinese and in some ways, modesty aside, I believe I’m doing quite well on that field. People here compliment me on my clear pronunciation but sadly only when I sing. And I am quite not sure if its a good thing that it somehow make people think that I speak Chinese too. Unfortunately I don’t, though I can somehow muster a few essential phrases.

    I just want to tell you how helpful your website is for me and wish I can afford to hire you as a teacher. Maybe in the future…keeping my fingers crossed here. For now, reading your articles do help a lot and this is the only way I know (this letter) to show you my support. Thank you very much sir. You are definitely one devoted person as you encourage, help and support people like me who wishes to learn.

    Again, I thank you and looking forward to more articles from you.

    Best regards,
    Gladys Viterbo-Lacre

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