Hacking Chinese

A better way of learning Mandarin


Unlocking Chinese: The Ultimate Guide for Beginners

This course gives you a solid foundation in all areas of learning Chinese, including how to learn, which tools to use and how to plan your studies. If you’re a beginner, this course is for you!


Hacking Chinese: A Practical Guide to Learning Mandarin

This course focuses on strategies for learning Chinese, including how to improve your pronunciation, review characters and plan your studies. It’s for all learners, but if you’re a beginner, Unlocking Chinese is a better choice!


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Hacking Chinese Pronunciation: Speaking with Confidence

This course is for anyone who wants to improve their pronunciation, from beginners who struggle with tones and Pinyin, to more advanced learners who want to fix errors or polish their accents. Pronunciation is essential; get it right now and start speaking with confidence!


⚒️ The Independent Learner: Mastering Mandarin on Your Terms ⚒️


This course offers strategies for efficient Chinese learning, focusing on independent study. It helps prioritize efforts and control your learning journey, fitting any schedule, location, or life stage, ensuring progress on your terms.


⚒️ The Fluent Listener: Navigating Mandarin Like a Fish in Water ⚒️


Struggle to distinguish Mandarin sounds or grasp real conversations? This course enables you to create an immersive learning environment, that fits any lifestyle. Enhance your listening skills to absorb vocabulary, grammar, and culture, making you feel 如鱼得水 (rúyúdéshuǐ) – like a fish in water!