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Since 2010, I have published roughly 500 articles and 172 podcast episodes about learning Chinese, all for free! While I know there are some people who have read all the articles and listened to all the episodes, I realise that most of you don’t have time to do that. Moreover, each article focuses on a tiny sliver of learning the language, so it’s easy to miss the forest for the trees.

For this reason, I offer several courses to help you learn Mandarin, or guide you through the forest, if you will; maps on your road to fluency.

Tune in to the Hacking Chinese Podcast to listen to me talking about the courses (recorded in August 2021):

Available on Apple Podcasts, Google Podcast, Overcast, Spotify and many other platforms!

Here’s a description of each course (you can also check out the podcast episode linked below):

  • Unlocking Chinese: The Ultimate Guide for Beginners This course will kickstart your learning, teaching you the basics of speaking, listening, writing and reading, along with key strategies for how to learn characters, tones and much more. It’s perfect for people who just started out or have been studying for a while but struggle to find a way forward! Intermediate and advanced learners should check out the next course, though.
  • Hacking Chinese: A Practical Guide to Learning Mandarin This course upgrades the way you learn Mandarin and is aimed at learners of all levels. It covers all aspects of learning Chinese but focuses exclusively on how to learn. Perfect for those who have been learning for some time and feel they are stuck or don’t know what they’re doing wrong. If you’re a beginner, you should get Unlocking Chinese first!
  • Hacking Chinese Pronunciation: Speaking with Confidence – This course is for those who want to learn Mandarin pronunciation, from beginners who struggle with tones and Pinyin to more advanced learners who want to fix errors or polish their accents. Pronunciation is essential; get it right now and save yourself a ton of trouble later.

Until the end of next Monday (that’s midnight on November 27, Pacific Time), you’ll get $10 off both these courses. Just enter the discount code “heiwu23” in the cart at checkout! If you want to give a course as a gift or want to purchase more than one course, please contact me. Of course, if you have any questions about any of the courses, you can contact me as well!

If you want to listen to me introduce the courses I offer, you can check out the below episode. Please note that it was originally recorded at the beginning of the semester, so that bit is not relevant now, but the courses remain the same.

Tune in to the Hacking Chinese Podcast to listen to the related episode:

Available on Apple Podcasts, Google Podcast, Overcast, Spotify and many other platforms!

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