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Hacking Chinese podcast episode 161 Q&A: Listening more than once, assessing pronunciation and the merits of flashcards

This week’s podcast episode (number 161) is a reader and listener Q&A, where I answer three questions sent in to me about listening comprehension, assessing pronunciation, and the merits of flashcards. If you have a question you would like me to address on the podcast, you can leave a comment below or contact me in some other way.

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Links for question #1: Listening comprehension

Beyond tīng bu dǒng, part 1: A guide to Chinese listening comprehension

7 ideas for smooth and effortless Chinese listening practice

Links for question #2: Assessing pronunciation

Hacking Chinese Pronunciation: Speaking with Confidence

Get to know your Chinese voice to level up your speaking ability

How to get honest feedback to boost your Chinese speaking and writing

Links for question #3: Flashcards

Should you use an efficient method for learning Chinese even if you hate it?

Why spaced repetition software is uniquely well suited to learning Chinese characters

Reading is a lot like spaced repetition, only better

Spaced repetition software and why you should use it

Chinese listening challenge, September 2023

Each month, I run a challenge to help you improve your Chinese in a specific area through daily practice and friendly competition. As I don’t want to spend one podcast episode every month talking about challenges, I will experiment with different types of content, and this month, it’s a Q&A, as I received many more interesting questions than I could cover in the recent anniversary episode. If you have other ideas for what to cover in these monthly episodes, do let me know! You can learn more about this month’s challenge and sign up here (it’s completely free):

Chinese listening challenge, September 2023

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