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Interview: Insights from Skritter’s Complete Guide to Learning Chinese

If I wrote a comprehensive guide to learning Chinese with a special focus on vocabulary, what would it look like? Now you can find out for free!

Skritter’s Complete Guide to Learning Chinese explores methods for vocabulary acquisition, emphasising the importance of integrating reading and listening for successful learning.

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Skritter’s Complete Guide to Learning Chinese: An Overview

Each chapter covers one of the three factors that determine how much Chinese you learn, so if you want to make rapid progress in the language, you should optimise all three.

The final chapter discusses learning Chinese in a digital world, exploring both opportunities and challenges related to digital reading and writing.

The guide is suitable for complete beginners and advanced students alike, although different students will take different things from the guide. We have also included exercises to help you implement the advice in your learning routine.

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Fiona Tian and I talk about the study guide

To mark the launch of the study guide, Fiona Tian and I talked about the study guide. You can find the video version of this interview on Skritter’s YouTube channel, or use the audio-only version on my podcast above.

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