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  1. Hacking Chinese meet-up in Beijing, July 18th 2024

    It’s time for a Hacking Chinese meet-up in Beijing! It’s the first time I visit China since before the pandemic, so I’m looking forward to meeting people interested in learning or teaching Chinese based in or around Beijing. The meet-up will be held on July 18th in the evening.

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  2. Why you should preview before every Chinese lesson

    Previewing before Chinese lessons is a simple yet frequently overlooked method to enhance learning. By previewing, you maximise the benefits of each lesson, allowing you to focus on areas where you truly need a teacher’s guidance.

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  3. How I used a notebook to learn more Chinese, and why you should too

    The humble notebook is a powerful tool for learners of Chinese. Whether an exquisite leather-bound journal or a digital text file, a notebook offers more than a space to record information about vocabulary or grammar.

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  4. Student Q&A, July 2024: Reading speed, children’s books and Chinese literature

    How can you read Chinese faster? Which children’s books are best for second-language learners? And what’s the ideal entry point into Chinese literature?

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  5. Chinese reading challenge, July 2024

    It’s time for a Chinese reading challenge! It starts on July 10th, so enrol, set your goal and read as much as you can before the end of the month. This article contains more information about the challenge, as well as some advice about improving reading ability in Chinese.

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  6. The three factors that determine how much Chinese you learn

    When learning Chinese, your progress depends on three factors: the content you study, the methods you use, and the time you dedicate. To achieve your goals quickly and efficiently, strive to optimise all three!

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  7. Habit hacking for language learners

    Habits are routines that become smooth and effortless with repetition. They are essential for managing daily life efficiently, and by developing the right habits for learning Chinese, you can learn more with less effort!

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  8. Should you learn the pronunciation of radicals?

    Pronunciation of radicals

    Learning the building blocks of Chinese characters is a great idea, but what should learn about each character component? And more specifically, should you learn the pronunciation of radicals?

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  9. Chinese vocabulary challenge, June 2024

    It’s time for a vocabulary challenge! It starts on June 10th, so enrol, set your goal and learn as many characters and words as you can before the end of the month. This challenge is sponsored by Skritter, so there are also prizes on the line! This article contains more information about the challenge, some important things to keep in mind as well as some advice about learning Chinese characters and words.

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  10. Student Q&A, June 2024: How much time on flashcards, Remembering the Hanzi, and resources for learning characters

    How much time should you spend on flashcards? Is Remembering the Hanzi good for learning Chinese characters? And what resources should you use if you want to understand the writing system better?

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