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Organising and planning

Regardless if we are full-time students enrolled in a serious language program or casual learners who study on our own for fun, being able to plan our time and organise our studying is essential if we want to make progress. We need to make sure that we study what we need to study and we need to find the time to do so. Even if studying Chinese is perhaps not the most important thing we do, we still want to make sure we get the most out of the time we invest.

Thus, this is not merely about discussing the time we have available, it’s also about finding time where we thought there wasn’t any, it’s about being smart and incorporate Chinese into our lives. It’s about learning without actually having to sacrifice other parts of our lives, learning in other ways than traditional studying. Most articles in this category are relevant to other walks of like as well and aren’t strictly related to learning Chinese.

Articles about organising and planning: