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Key study hacks

Although I only write about things things that are useful in some way, some articles deal with hacks (or tricks) that are of key importance when learning a language. Although most articles in this category are also essential articles, the articles here deal specifically with tricks for making studying more efficiently. In a way, this is the core of the “hacking” in Hacking Chinese (see the welcome page if you’re unfamiliar with this usage of the word “hacking”).

Most articles here deal with hands-on hacks that you can use to improve your studying right now. They aren’t theoretical discussions about how to learn a language, they are practical suggestions you really should try if you haven’t already. If you want to boost your learning efficiency quickly, you’ve come to the right place. Check out the following articles (scroll down to see all of them in a text-only list):


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Creating a powerful toolkit: Character components
Creating a powerful toolkit: Individual characters
Spaced repetition software and why you should use it
Creating a powerful toolkit: Characters and words
Learning Chinese words really fast
A smart method to discover problems with tones
Using search engines to study Chinese
Diversified learning is smart learning
Time quality: Studying the right thing at the right time
Dealing with tricky vocabulary: Killing leeches
Vocabulary in your pocket
Memory aids and mnemonics to enhance learning
Four different kinds of mistakes: Problem analysis
Achieving the impossible by being inspired
Holistic language learning: Integrating knowledge
Benchmarking progress to stay motivated
Timeboxing Chinese
If you want to master Chinese, make long-term investments
Learn by exaggerating: Slow, then fast; big, then small
When perfectionism becomes an obstacle to progress
Use the benefits of teaching to boost your own learning
Defining Language Hacking: Lessons Learned From Hacking Chinese
Language question triage – General guidelines
Don’t try to improve everything at once, limit your focus
Listening strategies: Background listening
Chinese Language Learner Interview Series – Olle Linge
Listening strategies: Diversify your listening practice
Study according to your current productivity level
The time barrel: Or why you have more time than you think
Extending mnemonics: Tones and pronunciation
Don’t just read about learning methods, actually try them as well
Vocalise more to learn more Chinese
Learning Chinese in the shower with me
Have fun learning Chinese or else…
Why you really should use a Chinese notebook
Remembering is a skill you can learn
How to create mnemonics for general or abstract character components
Horizontal vocabulary learning
Learning how to learn Chinese through self-experimentation
Phonetic components, part 1: The key to 80% of all Chinese characters
Phonetic components, part 2: Hacking Chinese characters
How to learn Chinese characters as a beginner
Sensible Chinese character learning revisited
How to reach a decent level of Chinese in 100 days
7 ways of learning to write Chinese characters
Study more Chinese: Time boxing vs. micro goals
Focus on initials and finals, not Pinyin spelling
A minimum-effort approach to writing Chinese characters by hand


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  1. Justin says:

    Hi! I have been learning Chinese for the last couple of years. This website is a great find. Lots of useful info for me! Thanks so much!