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I have decided not to do general reviews on Hacking Chinese, but instead only write about resources I thoroughly recommend. Whenever I stumble upon something which is really good or exceptionally useful for other learners, I will write about it. Thus, these are recommendations rather than reviews. Some are books, some websites, some software; all are excellent.

If you have a particular resource you’d like to recommend, please let me know. I can’t guarantee that I will check it out or that I will write a recommendation even if I do, but I’m always interested in expanding my horizons.

These are all the articles in this category (scroll down to see all of them in a text-only list):

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One thought on “Recommended resources”

  1. Hi Olle,

    May I suggest our new -free and multi-device- resource: It just started its public beta.

    We’re not looking for any review or recommendations or stuff, just want to share what we have set up, because more feedback usually means more good ideas coming in. And it may be useful to you too :)

    You’ve spent so much time hacking every bit and step of learning Chinese, your opinion and advice would be great for us.


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