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Best of Hacking Chinese 2016

This year is drawing to a close and it’s time to conclude 2016 with an overview of the best articles published on Hacking Chinese this year. I often get the question where I find inspiration for all these articles, and the answer is that as long as I teach Chinese and learn Chinese myself, I will probably never stop identifying things that can be done more efficiently or that I find interesting to share for other reasons.

During 2016, I published 47 regular articles (not counting challenge announcements and similar). Below, I have gathered the ten best articles of the year, based primarily on how many people have read them, but also on my own opinion. Even if you visit Hacking Chinese regularly, glance through the list and make sure you haven’t missed anything!

I would also like to thank all readers. This site is for you and without regular (and overwhelmingly positive) feedback from you, I would never have been able to find the motivation to write all this and post it online. The knowledge that these articles reach a large number of people all over the world and that they benefit from reading is the force that drives Hacking Chinese forward. Thank you!

Without further ado, here are the best articles from 2016:

Using voice messaging as a stepping stone to Chinese conversations

Escape: A text adventure game for Chinese learners

What your Chinese course will not teach you

Improving your Chinese pronunciation by mimicking native speakers

An introduction to extensive reading for Chinese learners

Overcoming the problem of having too many Chinese words to learn

Learning to read handwritten Chinese

How technology can help you learn Chinese

ChinesePod review: Your companion to Mandarin fluency

Learn Chinese faster by leaving your comfort zone

That’s it for 2016; see you again next year!

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