Hacking Chinese

A better way of learning Mandarin

Essential articles

The following is a collection of carefully selected articles that I consider essential in one way or another. If you are short on time, these are the articles you should focus on. If you’re new to Hacking Chinese, these articles will give you the best start.

Chinese is fascinating and exciting, not weird and stupid
The importance of knowing many words
The art of being corrected
Creating a powerful toolkit: Character components
Spaced repetition software and why you should use it
Learning Chinese words really fast
Take responsibility for your own learning now
Diversified learning is smart learning
Goals and motivation, part 1 – Introduction
Time quality: Studying the right thing at the right time
Memory aids and mnemonics to enhance learning
Achieving the impossible by being inspired
Benchmarking progress to stay motivated
Enjoying the journey while focusing on the destination
Tones are more important than you think
Learn by exaggerating: Slow, then fast; big, then small
When perfectionism becomes an obstacle to progress
The 10,000 hour rule – Blood, sweat and tears
Listening strategies: An introduction
The time barrel: Or why you have more time than you think
Have fun learning Chinese or else…
Towards a more sensible way of learning to write Chinese
Remembering is a skill you can learn
Launching Hacking Chinese Resources