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  1. Learning Chinese is easy (old version)

    There are lots of misconceptions about learning Chinese, spread to an equal extent by native speakers and foreigners. Most people’s reaction to my studying Chinese is that it must be extraordinarily difficult. This is wrong. I’ve thought about this a great deal, and I’m convinced that it’s much more difficult for Chinese people to learn proper English than it is for foreigners to learn proper Chinese. In this short article I’ll try to explain why Chinese isn’t as difficult as most people think.

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  2. Chinese is fascinating and exciting, not weird and stupid

    There seem to be two different approaches to learning a foreign language, and learners place themselves somewhere between these two poles: Either you think Chinese is weird and stupid, or you think it’s fascinating and beautiful. What approach you have will greatly influence your learning.

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  3. If you can only stay abroad for a short time, don’t go immediately

    This article isn’t about discouraging people to go abroad. Instead, it’s a rational analysis of when to go abroad to learn Chinese if you’re limited by money or time. My conclusion is that you should not go immediately, but wait until you’ve learnt some basics at home.

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  4. A pre-launch plea for help

    Since I started studying Chinese, I’ve realised that there are many things to learn that no textbook and few teachers will tell you. I’m not talking about things in ordinary books here, but on how to study Chinese. As you probably know, I’ve written extensively about this on my website for many years, but I’ve now decided that it’s time to write something more serious about it. To start with, I’m going to launch a new website called Hacking Chinese, but my goal is ultimately to write a book about learning Chinese.

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  5. Requirements to be met before site launch

    Even though the site is available from now on, there are a few things I want to accomplish before launching the site officially. If you feel something is missing in this list or have any suggestions of any kind, please let me know! This article simply summarises what I have left to do before launching the site officially.

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  6. Domain name registered, software installed

    After having registered the domain name and installed the necessary software, Hacking Chinese is now working properly. This is not a formal launch, however, although I won’t try to stop people from finding their way here, I’m not going to launch the project properly until a number of conditions have been met. These conditions involve […]

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