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  1. Obligatory and optional tone change rules in Mandarin

    From a student perspective, there are two types of tone changes in Mandarin: obligatory and optional. The first kind you really have to know about, the second is mostly the natural result of speaking more quickly.

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  2. Learning the third tone in Chinese

    The third tone in Mandarin is an essentially low tone. The only time it’s pronounced with a high element is in front of another third tone (when it turns into a second tone) and sometimes when stressed.

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  3. Learning Chinese pronunciation as a beginner

    Learning to pronounce Chinese properly is one of the major obstacles for most learners. As a beginner, the task might seem daunting, but I’m convinced that with the right attitude, native-like pronunciation is achievable. The most important thing to do is to take responsibility for your own learning and adopt a correct attitude towards being taught. Focusing a little bit on the third tone doesn’t hurt either.

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