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  1. Hacking Chinese Podcast three-year anniversary Q&A

    This is a Q&A to mark the third anniversary of the Hacking Chinese Podcast! Should you drop everything you’re doing to learn Chinese for one year? How should you approach reading at an intermediate level? And how do you choose the best resources for learning?

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  2. How I learnt Chinese, part 7: Teaching, writing, learning

    What’s it like to study Chinese when you’ve already reached the goals you had when you started out? How can you keep on learning when you’re no longer studying the language? And is there such a thing as being done with Chinese?

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  3. Best of Hacking Chinese 2022

    Sparkler celebrating the best of Hacking Chinese 2022.

    2022 was a year of stability on Hacking Chinese; consistent but without major breakthroughs. What was the most popular article? The most popular podcast episode? Let’s summarise the year that was and highlight content you really shouldn’t miss!

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  4. Hacking Chinese reader and listener survey

    500 articles and 125 podcast episodes on Hacking Chinese, but how is this content created? And what do you think about it?

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  5. Are there any shortcuts for learning Chinese?

    Some say that there are no shortcuts for learning Chinese, others say that there are many. So which one is it, are there any shortcuts for learning Chinese or not?

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  6. Hacking Chinese Podcast two-year anniversary Q&A

    This is a Q&A to mark the second anniversary of the Hacking Chinese Podcast! How do you stop translating in your head? Is it worthwhile to study a Pinyin chart? And how do you learn traditional characters after learning simplified?

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  7. Best of Hacking Chinese 2021

    2021 was an eventful year on Hacking Chinese, but which were the best articles? The most popular podcast episodes? Let’s summarise the year that was and highlight things you really shouldn’t miss!

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  8. Boost your learning with Hacking Chinese courses: Discounts available!

    Discounts for Hacking Chinese courses are available until Tuesday November 30th! Use the code jia1you2 to get $10 off courses for beginners and more advanced students.

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  9. Hacking Chinese Podcast one-year anniversary Q&A

    The Hacking Chinese Podcast - all episodes.

    How do you study Chinese when you’re busy with other things? How do you cope with a Chinese course that is too hard for you? And are translated texts okay to use for reading practice?

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  10. Opening the gates to the Hippo Campus*

    On this very special day, I’m proud to announce the opening of the Hippo Campus, a collaboration between a prestigious teacher of Mandarin and Hacking Chinese, offering an online classroom experience suitable for everyone, everywhere!

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