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Boost your learning with Hacking Chinese courses: Discounts available!

Hacking Chinese logoDo you want to boost your Chinese learning? Or maybe help a friend or family member to succeed with their studies?

Until next Tuesday, you’ll get $10 off by entering the discount code jia1you2 when buying any of my courses. If you’re new to Chinese, that’s 加油, literally “add oil”, but used figuratively to encourage greater effort or to cheer someone on.

If you plan to give them as a gift, please reach out to me after purchasing so I can help you out with delivery!

Tune in to the Hacking Chinese Podcast to learn more about my courses:

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Here are the courses currently on offer:

  • Unlocking Chinese: The Ultimate Guide for Beginners This course will kickstart your learning, teaching you the basics of speaking, listening, writing and reading, along with key strategies for how to learn characters, tones and much more. It’s perfect for people who just started out or have been studying for a while but struggle to find a way forward! Intermediate and advanced learners should check out the next course, though.
  • Hacking Chinese: A Practical Guide to Learning Mandarin This course upgrades the way you learn Mandarin and is aimed at learners of all levels. It covers all aspects of learning Chinese, but focuses exclusively on how to learn. Perfect for those who have been learning for some time and feel they are stuck or don’t know what they’re doing wrong. If you’re a beginner, you should get Unlocking Chinese first!

If you have any questions about the courses, don’t hesitate to contact me!

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