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Articles published in January 2012

  1. Learning simplified and traditional Chinese

    Learning traditional characters if you know simplified or vice versa is a lot easier than beginners tend to think. Generally, you don’t need to worry, because at an advanced level, learning both is quite easy. This article is about simplified/traditional and how to learn both.

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  2. Learn by exaggerating: Slow, then fast; big, then small

    If you want to speak or write quickly, you should start out by doing it slowly. Mimicking native speed early will just lead to sloppy language and bad communication. Expose your errors so that you have a chance to correct them.

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  3. Can you become fluent in Chinese in three months?

    Can you (or Benny Lewis) become fluent in Chinese in three months? I think the answer is no, but instead of just being negative, I’ve tried to describe some problems and offer some help on how to solve them.

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  4. Hacking Chinese 2011/2012: What was and what will be

    2011 has ended, 2012 has just begun. This is an excellent time to review what’s happened during Hacking Chinese’s first year online. It’s also an opportunity to talk a little bit about the future. In what direction do you want Hacking Chinese to move?

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