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  1. Get to know your own Chinese voice

    Recording yourself provides a convenient, enlightening and cheap way to improve your spoken Chinese, and what better to record than a diary? This article explores why you should record more and offers some suggestions for what to record.

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  2. A guide to Pinyin traps and pitfalls: Learn Mandarin pronunciation

    Learning Chinese pronunciation can be tricky and there are several places where foreigners often make mistakes. This article is a guide to some common problems students encounter while learning Pinyin. The hope is that this guide will make good pronunciation easier to achieve.

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  3. Chinese listening strategies: Diversify your listening practice

    It’s essential that you diversify your listening practice, otherwise you run the risk of performing below your actual level, not because your listening ability is poor, but simply because you’re not used to different people speaking Chinese. The only way to acquire a complete listening ability is by listening to as many different speakers as possible.

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