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  1. How I learnt Chinese, part 1: Where it all started

    This is the first part in a series of articles about how I learnt Chinese. It covers the very beginning, why I became interested in learning Chinese and how that transformed into an opportunity to actually learn.

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  2. Practising sports to learn Chinese and make friends

    Practising sports is a very good way of learning Chinese. It’s not only a way of learning the language itself, it’s also an excellent way of meeting new friends. I’ve practised a number of sports during my time in Taiwan and in this post, I share some of the experiences with you.

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  3. Don’t try to improve everything at once, limit your focus

    When we learn, we can’t focus on everything at once. If we want to improve in a complex skill, simply practising that skill isn’t the most efficient way, we need to break it down and use target practice. For instance, focusing on improving pronunciation is too vague, but focusing on the fourth tone is more likely to yield positive results.

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  4. Learn by exaggerating: Slow, then fast; big, then small

    If you want to speak or write quickly, you should start out by doing it slowly. Mimicking native speed early will just lead to sloppy language and bad communication. Expose your errors so that you have a chance to correct them.

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