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  1. Practising sports to learn Chinese and make friends

    Practising sports is a very good way of learning Chinese. It’s not only a way of learning the language itself, it’s also an excellent way of meeting new friends. I’ve practised a number of sports during my time in Taiwan and in this post, I share some of the experiences with you.

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  2. You won’t learn Chinese simply by living abroad

    Some people seem to believe that living in a country is enough to learn the language spoken there. This is wrong, and it’s especially wrong if the language is Chinese. Becoming fluent in Chinese is the result of blood, sweat and tears, nothing less. Living abroad certainly helps, but it’s an opportunity most often wasted by students.

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  3. The virtues of language exchanges

    A language exchange is simply a relationship between two people who want to learn each other’s language. It is useful because it allows you to focus fully on language without having to worry that your ordinary friends think it’s taxing to be with you because you always ask so many questions.

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  4. The art of being corrected when learning Chinese

    Very few people can receive criticism for something they do with a perfectly open mind and a positive attitude. In fact, I would go as far as saying that being able to do that is an art. Being corrected is a natural process when learning a language and something you should welcome with open arms, even if it takes courage and practice to do so.

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