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  1. Beginner Chinese listening practice: What to listen to and how

    The best way to learn to understand spoken Mandarin is to listen as much as you can to engaging content you can make sense of without looking things up. In this article, I go through the best types of beginner Chinese listening practice!

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  2. Best of Hacking Chinese 2022

    Sparkler celebrating the best of Hacking Chinese 2022.

    2022 was a year of stability on Hacking Chinese; consistent but without major breakthroughs. What was the most popular article? The most popular podcast episode? Let’s summarise the year that was and highlight content you really shouldn’t miss!

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  3. Black Friday discounts for Hacking Chinese courses

    Don’t miss the forest for the trees! Let my courses be your guide you to successful learning, now with $10 off until the end of Monday, November 28th! Already enrolled yourself or not interested at the moment? Get one as a gift for someone else, or help me out by spreading the word!

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  4. The 10 best free Chinese listening resources for beginner, intermediate and advanced learners

    Listening is the most important skill of all, because it accelerates all other learning and is crucial for social integration. What are the best free Chinese listening resources out there for beginner, intermediate and advanced learners?

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  5. Kickstart your learning with the Skritter Character Course

    What’s the best way to learn Chinese characters as a beginner? The Skritter character course is my best attempt at answering that question.

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  6. Chinese language question triage: When to ask whom about what

    When learning Chinese, questions about the language pop up all the time, but what’s the best way to answer them?

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  7. Why you should use more than one Chinese textbook

    A textbook can only provide a sliver of the content and activities you need to learn Chinese, but rather than throwing your textbook away, try using several of them in parallel.

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  8. How to learn Chinese pronunciation as a beginner

    Pronunciation is an important, yet often neglected part of learning Chinese. The earlier you get the sounds and tones down, the better, but how should you approach learning these things as a beginner?

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  9. 500 resources for learning and teaching Chinese, tagged by level, topic and type

    Finding the right resources for learning and teaching Chinese can be tricky considering how much there is on offer. How do you find resources suitable for your level, apps designed to help you meet a particular challenge, or information and advice in general? You go to Hacking Chinese Resources, of course, which features 500 resources for learning and teaching Chinese, tagged by level, topic and type.

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  10. Learning Classical Chinese is for everyone (no, seriously!)

    Classical Chinese is something all learners will encounter, whether it’s because it’s part of a course you take, because you’ve started learning formal, written Chinese or simply because you want to read the Art of War, the Analects or Tang poetry. How can you learn Classical Chinese and what resources should you use?

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