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Articles published in March 2015

  1. Articles by me published elsewhere: March 2015 round-up

    I write a lot about Chinese these days and not everything ends up on Hacking Chinese. Some things will be available later, such as the book I’m working on and some upcoming articles, but much is written for other websites. In this post, I introduce and link to everything I’ve published elsewhere before March 2015.

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  2. A minimum-effort approach to writing Chinese characters by hand

    Learning characters in the first place takes time, but you also need to maintain that knowledge. This article presents an efficient way to remember how to write Chinese characters in the long term.

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  3. How to adjust your Chinese listening to the right level

    Listening to enough Chinese is difficult because it’s hard to find and manage the right amount of audio. One of the key points to success is to make sure you have enough easy audio available. This article discusses the importance of adjusting your audio to your current state of mind.

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  4. Three steps to more and better Chinese listening practice

    Learning to understand spoken Chinese takes time. This article looks at three strategies for better Chinese listening practice for long-term learning.

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  5. Chinese listening challenge, March 10th to March 31st

    Chinese reading challenge

    It’s time for an extensive listening challenge! Enrol, set your goal and listen as much as you can before the end of March. This article contains more information about the challenge, some important things to keep in mind as well as suggestions for what to listen to.

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  6. What you intend to write is more important than the character you actually write

    Why is focusing on intent important when learning to write Chinese characters? What you intend to write is more important than what you actually write.

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