Hacking Chinese

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Articles published in September 2013

  1. What’s your next step to master Chinese?

    Procrastination is a major problem facing anyone trying to learn Chinese outside class (which should include almost everyone because if you only do what you’re required to do in class, you won’t get very far). In this article, I share some ideas on how I handle big projects and intimidating tasks. The gist is that you need to break things down and you need to know what your next action is.

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  2. 5 websites to help answer your questions about Chinese

    It’s not always easy to know where to go when you fail to find answers to your Chinese-related questions. This article gives some advice on how to ask for help online and also introduces five websites that offer help in various forms for free.

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  3. Hacking Chinese meet-up in Taipei 2013-10-06

    A new semester has just begun and it’s time for another Hacking Chinese meet-up in Taipei! The event is open for everyone who wants to join and talk about learning Chinese or other topics you find interesting. The meet-up will be held in Taipei, probably close to NTNU, on October 6th. Don’t forget to sign-up if you plan to join!

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  4. Reading aloud in Chinese is really hard

    Reading unfamiliar Chinese text aloud is very hard. This article sheds some light on why this is the case and what consequences it has for people who learn Chinese as a second language. In general, as a student, don’t feel down if you can’t read aloud well, because it really is very hard, and as a (native speaking) teacher, please understand that reading aloud in Chinese is much harder than you think.

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  5. Phonetic components, part 2: Hacking Chinese characters

    This is the second and final article about using phonetic components to hack Chinese characters and make it considerably easier to handle similarly looking characters. This article describes both the principles and gives plenty of examples that might resolve some of your current problems for you.

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