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  1. 250+ resources for learning Chinese

    Hacking Chinese Resources now features over 250 resources for learning Chinese, all tagged, sorted and introduced properly so they are easy to find for learners and teachers alike. I need your help spreading the word, submitting more resources and voting on those already posted!

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  2. If you think spaced repetition software is a panacea you are wrong

    Spaced repetition software (SRS) is widely discussed online, and generally speaking, there is a spectrum between people who think SRS is the holy grail of learning anything and those that think SRS is artificial, passive and just a waste of time. This article argues that this polarisation is a serious mistake, SRS is a tool and like any other tool, how we use it determines what we get from it.

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  3. Adding tone marks (w/o Pinyin) above characters to practise tones

    Reading in Chinese is hard, but if we use too much Pinyin, we will never get used to reading characters. Adding tones (but not Pinyin) above characters is a good way of helping us to focus on tone production, separating the problem of remembering tones from the problem of producing tones, enabling us to focus on the latter.

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