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  1. Can you learn Chinese faster by making it harder?

    Throwing yourself into very challenging situations can be great for language learning, but so can focusing on large volumes of easier content too. So when should you use which approach? This article discusses if you can learn faster by making it harder.

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  2. Approaches to reading in Chinese

    Reading is one of the best ways of picking up new vocabulary once we reached an intermediate or advanced level, but it’s also necessary to read a lot to be able to write Chinese properly. Reading also enables us to understand word usage and brings us closer to the culture behind the language. This article is focused on reading in Chinese, including reading method, book selection, benchmarking, vocabulary and more.

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  3. The kamikaze approach to learning Chinese

    The kamikaze approach to learning Cihnese

    The kamikaze approach is a method for advancing faster than you are supposed to do in your language learning. It means that you jump into an environment you cannot handle, but that you will learn to handle if you have time and determination. It is like swimming by diving into the deep end of the pool. Still, it’s not stupid as long as you know what you’re doing, and I provide many useful tips on how to survive.

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