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  1. Standard pronunciation in Chinese and why you want it

    What should you learn if your friends and your teacher tell you different things? How should you navigate the space between standard pronunciation and regional accents? Standard pronunciation will help you communicate, but a regional accent might help you fit in.

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  2. Hacking Chinese meet-up in Beijing 2015-07-12

    It’s time for the first Hacking Chinese meet-up in Beijing! I have arranged many meet-ups in Taipei since I lived there for many years, but this is the first time I arrange a meet-up in Mainland China. The meet-up will take place this Sunday in Beijing. The main purpose of the meet-up is to meet […]

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  3. Hacking Chinese China Tour 2015

    I’m going to China and would like to take the opportunity to arrange a few meet-ups. The information here is all subject to change, but I should be able to arrange one meet-up in later in June, one in Kunming in July and possibly a second meet-up in Beijing in July. If you’re interested in participating, make sure you contact me!

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