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Hacking Chinese meet-up in Beijing, July 18th 2024

It’s time for a Hacking Chinese meet-up in Beijing! It’s my first time visiting China since before the pandemic, so I’m looking forward to meeting people interested in learning or teaching Chinese who are in or around Beijing. The meet-up will be held on July 18th in the evening.

If you are interested in the meet-up, or in in-person coaching or consulting, please let me know by sending an email to editor@hackingchinese.com.

Please also let me know if you’re bringing someone else (so I can keep a rough headcount) and if you have something in particular you want to discuss during the meet-up. The main language will be English since I want to include people who aren’t fluent in Mandarin yet, but of course, Chinese can be used too. Everyone is welcome: beginners, advanced learners, teachers and native speakers.

The meet-up is meant to be a relaxed occasion where a common interest brings people together to exchange ideas. The event itself is free of charge, but since we will likely be in a café or restaurant, you will at least need to buy something to drink. I will announce the exact location later to those who have signed up.

Anyone who shows up will get $20 off my course or have a copy of my book signed (although you need to already have the book, because I don’t carry any copies with me).

I’m sorry if this late announcement means that some people can’t attend, but my schedule hasn’t been clear enough to announce a date until now (and it still isn’t), so this was the only way. I hope some of you can still make it and I’m looking forward to seeing you next week!

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