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  1. 500 resources for learning and teaching Chinese, tagged by level, topic and type

    Finding the right resources for learning and teaching Chinese can be tricky considering how much there is on offer. How do you find resources suitable for your level, apps designed to help you meet a particular challenge, or information and advice in general? You go to Hacking Chinese Resources, of course, which features 500 resources for learning and teaching Chinese, tagged by level, topic and type.

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  2. Whom should you trust for advice about learning Chinese?

    There’s a lot of advice about how to learn Chinese floating around on forums, chat groups, social media, video services and blogs. Including Hacking Chinese. So how do you know whom you should trust? This article answers that question by discussing what my articles are based on.

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  3. Don’t just read about language learning methods, try them!

    When reading about ways of learning languages, it’s easy to just nod or shake one’s head in approval or dismissal. This is not enough if we want to master the art of learning a language. We need to identify the methods or ideas that have potential and actually try them. Only then can we know if they are helpful or not.

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  4. About opening doors and the paths beyond

    Hacking Chinese is about opening doors and showing the paths beyond, but what does that mean? Why is it useful to read other people’s advice? In this article I argue that it’s essential to familiarise oneself with many different methods, not to find the correct way of doing something, but to find better ways and provide contrast to one’s own learning process.

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