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Articles published in January 2020

  1. Course open for registration: Unlocking Chinese – The Ultimate Guide for Beginners

    Do you want to learn Chinese but don’t know where to start? Have you already started learning, but feel lost? Then Unlocking Chinese: The Ultimate Guide for Beginners is for you! The course is open for registration until midnight, February 7th, 2020.

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  2. How to get past the intermediate Chinese learning plateau

    When you start learning Chinese, your ability to communicate increases with every word you learn, but as your level improves, this feeling goes away and you it might feel like you’re no longer making progress. Welcome to the intermediate plateau!

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  3. How important is reading speed on tests like HSK and TOCFL?

    Reading speed is an issue on proficiency tests like HSK and TOCFL. But how much of a problem is it? How fast do you need to read? This article discusses the role of reading speed on proficiency exams.

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  4. Best of Hacking Chinese 2019

    Happy New Year! Much happened on Hacking Chinese in 2019, and this article summarises the year that was by highlighting the most popular articles, both ranked by popular vote and by editor’s choice (my own humble opinion). It also discusses some upcoming projects and ideas for 2020!

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