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Articles published in November 2017

  1. Chinese speaking challenge, December 2017

    Chinese speaking ability

    It’s time for the last challenge of the year and the topic is… speaking! Enrol, set your goal and improve your speaking ability as much as you can before the end of December. This article contains more information about the challenge, some important things to keep in mind as well as suggestions for how to practice, along with a survey about Hacking Chinese Challenges.

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  2. Can you learn Chinese faster by making it harder?

    Throwing yourself into very challenging situations can be great for language learning, but so can focusing on large volumes of easier content too. So when should you use which approach? This article discusses if you can learn faster by making it harder.

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  3. Five text games for Chinese learners

    This article is about five text games for Chinese learners. It both introduces the games and asks for feedback about how they can become even more engaging and fun. Each game contains on average roughly 10,000 characters, which makes them on par with a typical graded reader.

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