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Articles published in February 2015

  1. Articles by me published elsewhere: February 2015 round-up

    I write a lot about Chinese these days and not everything ends up on Hacking Chinese. Some things will be available later, such as the book I’m working on and some upcoming articles, but much is written for other websites. In this post, I introduce and link to everything I’ve published elsewhere before February 2015.

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  2. How learning some basic theory can improve your pronunciation

    Achieving native-like pronunciation in a foreign language as an adult learner isn’t easy. The strategy to get there needs to incorporate large amounts of practice, mimicking and feedback, but I’m convinced that we can also benefit from a small portion of theoretical knowledge. Pronunciation theory can, among other things, help us notice details we did know about before.

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  3. 24 great resources for improving your Mandarin pronunciation

    In this article, I list 24 great resources for learning pronunciation. Naturally, some of them are limited to Mandarin Chinese, but many are more general in nature and works for other Chinese dialects or even other languages. Resources are sorted into Basic sound references, Pronunciation explained, Advice on learning pronunciation and Useful software and applications.

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  4. Pronunciation challenge, February 10th to 28th

    It’s time for the first pronunciation challenge on Hacking Chinese! This challenges is arranged with WaiChinese, but you are of course free to use other methods to improve your pronunciation. The challenge lasts until February 28th. Go!

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  5. Sensible character challenge, January 2015: Wrapping up

    It’s time to wrap up last month’s character challenge. How did it go? What did you learn? In this short post, I share some thoughts of my own and hope you’re willing to do the same. I also announce prize winners as promised!

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  6. Hacking Chinese 2014/2015: What was and what will be

    Another year has passed and it’s time to take a step back and look at Hacking Chinese from a distance. What happened in 2014? What will happen in 2015? This is also an excellent opportunity for you to tell me what you think about Hacking Chinese!

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