Hacking Chinese

A better way of learning Mandarin

Articles published in June 2013

  1. Hacking Chinese: Contradictory and provoking?

    This article is a reflection on my own writing on Hacking Chinese. I sometimes deliberately contradict myself, exaggerate a certain point or approach a question from a certain perspective. In short, critical thinking is essential, regardless if you read my articles or listen to other people’s advice.

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  2. Dealing with near-synonyms in Chinese as an independent learner

    Near-synonyms cause major headaches for language learners and it’s especially hard for Chinese learners due to the lack of adequate resources in English. This article suggests some ways of handling the problem of near-synonyms when learning Chinese.

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  3. Skritter review: Boosting your character learning (2013 edition)

    Skritter is the best character-learning app/service available. In this Skritter review, we look at why and how you can use it to learn in a better way.

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  4. What research can and cannot tell us about learning Chinese

    Most students don’t read scientific studies very often, but they might still encounter them in the mainstream press or when discussed online. Reading scientific papers isn’t easy, though, and if not careful, you might draw the wrong conclusions. This article is about how to read studies about learning Chinese.

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