Hacking Chinese

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Articles published in November 2012

  1. RTI, my favourite radio station

    If you want to improve your listening ability, always having something to listen to is essential. Preferably, it should require effort to NOT listen to Chinese. Only have Chinese audio on your phone, set a radio station on autostart on your computer, etc. This article is about RTI, an excellent source of listening material. It’s good mostly because of its diversity and ease of access, meaning that you will never run out of things to listen to.

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  2. 13 more songs to learn Chinese and expand your horizons

    This is the third article in a series about using music to learn Chinese. The goal this time is to expand your horizons a bit and help you find music you like. While you probably won’t enjoy all songs presented here, it’s fairly likely that you will find at least a few you like!

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  3. Learning Chinese in the shower with me

    This article is about using time and space in your shower to learn more Chinese. This might seem extreme, but it’s just another method of diversifying your learning. Why spend high quality time in front of your computer or in the library learning things you could equally well learn in your shower?

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