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  1. Sensible character challenge, January 2015: Wrapping up

    It’s time to wrap up last month’s character challenge. How did it go? What did you learn? In this short post, I share some thoughts of my own and hope you’re willing to do the same. I also announce prize winners as promised!

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  2. Extensive listening challenge, October 2014: Wrapping up

    This is the last day of the extensive listening challenge that was started three weeks ago. It was the first official challenge on Hacking Chinese Challenges. In total, 138 people joined the challenge and listened to a total of 890 hours of audio. What did you think about the challenge?

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  3. Extensive listening challenge, October 2014: Progress report

    This week’s extensive listening challenge has been going for two weeks, but there’s still time left to improve your listening ability. In this post, I share some thoughts about my own challenge and Hacking Chinese Challenges in general. I would also like to hear what you think!

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