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  1. Chinese language learning in the twenty-first century: Towards a digital ecosystem?

    Digital resources have made learning Chinese considerably easier than it used to be, but another problem has appeared: How can we make sense of and navigate the vast number of resources and find what’s best for us?

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  2. The 10 best free Chinese reading resources for beginner, intermediate and advanced learners

    Reading is the best way to expand vocabulary and learn new things in Chinese. What are the best free resources out there for beginner, intermediate and advanced learners? This article collects and introduces the ten best free reading resources in each category!

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  3. The 10 best free listening resource collections for learning Chinese

    This article lists the ten most popular free listening resource collections currently available on Hacking Chinese Resources. It’s a great list containing most of my favourite listening sources! Each resource comes with a brief introduction as well as notes for which level it is appropriate. This list is for learners of all levels!

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