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  1. Timeboxing Chinese: Get more done in less time

    If you don’t invest the necessary time into learning Chinese, it doesn’t matter how good your method is. Timeboxing is a wonderful way to get more done in less time.

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  2. Chinese habit formation challenge, November 2019

    It’s time for a learning habit challenge! It starts on November 10th, so enrol, decide on a habit you desire to have and work your way towards forming it over the coming weeks. This article contains more information about the challenge, some important things to keep in mind as well as suggestions for what habits to aim for and how to get there.

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  3. What’s your next step to master Chinese?

    Procrastination is a major problem facing anyone trying to learn Chinese outside class (which should include almost everyone because if you only do what you’re required to do in class, you won’t get very far). In this article, I share some ideas on how I handle big projects and intimidating tasks. The gist is that you need to break things down and you need to know what your next action is.

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  4. The get-back-up-to-speed summer challenge

    This is a challenge to encourage readers (and myself) to get more out of the remaining weeks of the summer. I have huge Anki and skritter queues and I plan to fight the down to zero before September 1st. You might need to study more vocabulary or you might have other things you want to complete this summer. Will you join the challenge?

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