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Hacking Chinese meet-ups in San Francisco (July 20th) and New York (July 24th)

sfI’m going on a short trip to the US starting this weekend, and I thought that would be a great opportunity to meet up with American readers. I have arranged many meet-ups in Taipei and one in Beijing before, but this will be the first outside Asia!

I’m on a tight schedule, so there isn’t much flexibility when it comes to time and place. Here’s what I have to offer:

  • July 20th (Wednesday after lunch): San Francisco
  • July 24th (Sunday around noon): New York
  • Registration by e-mail (the sooner the better)

For any of these meet-ups to take place, I need to find suitable venues and enough people need to register. If you think you know a place where at least 10-15 people can meet and chat for a couple of hours, please send an e-mail to editor@hackingchinese.com. No specific requirements. Since the meet-ups are free to attend, I want to avoid costs though, except for buying something to eat or drink in the case of a café or restaurant.

If you just want to attend, make sure you register by e-mail as soon as possible, preferably before July 17th. If the venue only has place for a few people, there might not be room for those who register late. Be sure to mention which meet-up you want to attend and if you’ll bring someone with you. I might also be able to bring a few books with me, so let me know if you want a signed copy.

nyThe main purpose of the meet-up is to meet other people who are interested not only in learning Mandarin in general, but also in how to do it in a better way. The atmosphere is meant to be relaxed, informal and without a fixed agenda. We talk about whatever we want and enjoy ourselves!

The main language will be English since I want to include people who aren’t fluent in Mandarin yet, but of course Chinese can be used too. Everyone is welcome: beginners, advanced learners, teachers and native speakers. Exact location will be announced later to those who register. Looking forward to meeting you all!

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