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Hacking Chinese meet-up in Taipei 2013-05-12

I’m almost through a busy period with mid-term exams and a gymnastics competition, and since I won’t stay in Taiwan long after the semester ends, the only opportunity for another meet-up this semester is before final exams and reports start piling up, i.e. now. The previous meet-up was a great success, at least in my opinion. Close to a dozen people showed up and we discussed learning Chinese an entire afternoon. Let’s do that again! This meet-up will also be held in a cafe somewhere close to the NTNU main campus (close to both 古亭 and 臺電大樓 MRT stations) in Taipei. For more (and updated) information, check the Facebook event here:

Image credit: flickr.com/people/tylerdurden/

Image credit: flickr.com/people/tylerdurden/

Hacking Chinese meet-up Facebook event (May 2013)

If you want to join, please let me know before next Friday (May 10th) to make sure that I can reserve table(s) for everybody. Join the Facebook event, leave a comment to this post or send me an e-mail. The meet-up has no fixed agenda and will be a relaxed get-together over lunch, tea or whatever you prefer. Language hackers in Taiwan, unite!

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  1. Kevin says:

    When’s the next one of these? Going to have one to kick off the fall semester?

    1. Olle Linge says:

      Probably fairly soon, haven’t decided yet!

    2. Olle Linge says:

      Date set (2013-10-06), see event on Facebook!

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