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How was your first semester of learning Chinese?

The start of a journey is very important. It can decide what route we choose to take, whether we give up, as well as what we think about the whole experience.

My first semester of learning Chinese was in 2007, which means that I’m slowly inching up to the the ten-year mark. If you’re curious about my experience, I’ve written a series of posts about my own learning, starting with this article.

This article is not about me, though, it’s about you! Because the start of a journey is so important, I want to understand it better by asking you some questions about your experience, regardless if you’re still in your first semester or if it was decades ago. I will use the answers to come up with new ways of helping beginners in various ways, such as through more beginner-oriented articles.

Survey: How was your first semester of Chinese?

You can fill out the survey below or click this link to open it in a new tab. There are only eight questions and it shouldn’t take you very long to complete! If the link or form doesn’t work because you’re in China, you can use this version instead. However, I can only retrieve a limited number of answers from that version, so please use the below form if possible:

Thank you so much for your help! If you know someone else who studies Chinese who might be willing to help out as well, please share a link to this article with them!

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