The Independent Learner:
Mastering Mandarin on Your Terms



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The Independent Learner:
Mastering Mandarin on Your Terms

Do you struggle with finding the right methods to learn Chinese? Do you feel like there’s never enough time to dedicate to your studies? Are you uncertain about what to focus on for maximum impact in achieving your goals?

Many learners, whether in formal education or studying on their own, eventually realise they’ve wasted much time and effort on the wrong things. This is because courses and textbooks seem to offer you everything you need, but rarely do.

With over sixteen years of experience in learning, teaching, and writing about Mandarin, I’ve designed this course to give you the insights and strategies needed to learn Chinese on your terms.

As an independent learner, you’ll know what to study and how to do it, no matter how busy you are, where you live, and what stage of life you’re in. Take control of your learning journey now!


My teacher only tells me what to learn, not how to learn!

I’m too busy to study, how can I learn Chinese when I have a full-time job?

I’m trying to learn Chinese on my own, but feel overwhelmed by all the choices I have to make.

Now I realize that many of the things we focused on in class were actually useless!

I’ve put a lot of hours into learning Mandarin, but I still can’t have a conversation.


The Independent Learner:
Course content

Section 1: Learning Mandarin Pronunciation

Welcome to the course

Mastering Mandarin on your terms

How your goals impact what and how you learn

Building a personal Chinese curriculum

Study strategies: Learning how to learn

Investing enough time and effort to learn Mandarin

Section 2: Plotting your path to mastery

Where are you now? Where do you want to be?

Long-term goals for learning Mandarin

Goal skill requirement analysis

Goal alignment: Courses, teachers and textbooks

Benchmarking: How are you doing right now?

Plotting your path to fluency

Making sure you’re moving forward

Identifying and overcoming problems

Feedback: Are you doing the right thing?

Section 3: What to learn: Building a personal Chinese curriculum

A balanced approach to learning Mandarin: The four strands

Meaning-focused and comprehensible input

Extensive reading and listening

Meaning-focused output and communicative language learning

Fluency development: Consolidating and mastering what you already know

Language-focused learning: Vocabulary and grammar

Tools and resources to support your learning: Courses, textbooks and teachers

Non-professional assistance: strangers, friends and partners

Section 4: Study strategies: How to get the most value for the time you invest

How to improve listening ability in Chinese

How to improve reading ability in Chinese

How to survive and thrive in spoken conversations

How to express yourself and interact in written Chinese

Communicative strategies for better spoken and written conversations

Fluency can be practised directly: Here is how to do it!

Learning and remembering Chinese words and characters

Conquering Chinese handwriting

How to pronounce Mandarin clearly and with confidence

Mastering Chinese grammar through comprehensible input and explicit studying

Tools and resources to help you on your journey

Section 5: Investing enough time and effort to learn Mandarin

Investing more time in learning Chinese: Simple, yet very difficult!

Three approaches to managing your studies and learning more

Learning Chinese as a busy adult

Habit hacking for Chinese learners

Getting things done with time boxing and other techniques

Boosting motivation for long-term success

You’re not alone on your journey: professional and non-professional assistance


⚡ Buy Now – $118