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Articles published in January 2016

  1. How I learnt Chinese, part 1: Where it all started

    This is the first part in a series of articles about how I learnt Chinese. It covers the very beginning, why I became interested in learning Chinese and how that transformed into an opportunity to actually learn.

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  2. Can you use English learning materials to study Chinese?

    There’s a very large number of books available for Chinese people learning English, but even if it’s tempting to think that we can use these to learn Chinese, doing so comes with several problems. ESL books have their use, but not as many as you might think.

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  3. Hacking Chinese New Year challenge, January 10th to 31st

    It’s time for the first Hacking Chinese challenge in 2016! The focus of the challenge is up to you to decide: choose between clearing unfinished projects from last year or establishing good learning habits for the rest of 2016. The challenge starts on January 10th.

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  4. Best of Hacking Chinese 2015

    Over 70 articles were published on Hacking Chinese in 2015, but which were the most popular? What about the most important? In this article, I list the top ten articles from 2015, both by reader count and by editor’s (my) choice.

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