Hacking Chinese

A better way of learning Mandarin

Articles published in December 2014

  1. How knowing your best performance in Chinese can help you improve

    When learning Chinese, it’s important to know how good your best performance is, because this determines the way you study. If your best performance is good enough, you mostly need high-volume practice, more of the same will get you there. But if your best performance isn’t good enough, you need to change tactics and go for high-quality practice instead.

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  2. 5 tips to help you improve your Chinese writing ability

    How do you write a good text in Chinese? How do you translate to Chinese from your native language? This article contains five useful tips for learners who want to improve their translation and/or writing skills in Chinese. The tips are based on my own experience both as a student and teacher.

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  3. How translation to another language can help you learn Chinese

    Translation can be a powerful way of learning Chinese. This article deals with translation from Chinese to your native language, something which is often overlooked, but nevertheless very useful.

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  4. Translation challenge, December 11th to 31th

    Translation is a very active way of learning a language that requires a large set of skills useful in the real world. It works well for students at any level and depending on in which direction you translate, you practise both reading and writing. This month’s challenge is about translation and it starts on December 11th. Join today!

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  5. Is Chinese difficult to learn?

    Is it difficult to learn Chinese? It depends on what you mean by “difficult”. In this article, I discuss two types of difficulty, both in general and as related to learning Chinese. I think learning Chinese is difficult, but not in the way most people think.

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