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Articles published in April 2013

  1. Immersion at home or: Why you don’t have to go abroad to learn Chinese

    Chinese immersion at home

    You don’t have to go abroad to learn Chinese. The main difference between staying at home and going abroad is that it requires less effort to learn once you’re there (although it still requires quite a lot of effort). This means that you can learn Chinese at home, provided that you are determined enough and create an immersion environment yourself. This article gives suggestions and advice on how to achieve that.

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  2. The question you have to ask about your Chinese teacher or course

    The most important question you should ask yourself about your current teacher or course is what you won’t learn. Since this isn’t something most teachers and schools like to talk about, it’s typically something you need to figure out on your own. This article discusses this question from various angles, highlighting the importance of being aware of what you need to study on your own.

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  3. Want to master Chinese in no time? Start dreaming!*

    This article is about a new revolutionary way of learning Chinese (or any other language) without actually spending more time. It has huge potential, but needs more thorough research before it can be released commercially. If you want to get in on the secret earlier, don’t miss this week’s article. Only valid today!

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