Hacking Chinese

A better way of learning Mandarin

Articles published in October 2012

  1. Learning styles: Use with caution!

    Looking at popular literature about learning styles, it looks like the use of learning styles is based on solid science. This isn’t the case and many scientists dispute the claims made by authors and educators favouring teaching based on learning styles. In this article, I discuss learning styles critically, but also provide some thoughts on how they can be used productively.

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  2. Vocalise more to learn more Chinese

    Do you know how to make your passive learning more active and thereby learn a lot more Chinese? This article is about how you can increase your awareness of the language around you, process it more actively and therefore also learn more from the experience.

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  3. Don’t just read about language learning methods, try them!

    When reading about ways of learning languages, it’s easy to just nod or shake one’s head in approval or dismissal. This is not enough if we want to master the art of learning a language. We need to identify the methods or ideas that have potential and actually try them. Only then can we know if they are helpful or not.

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