Hacking Chinese

A better way of learning Mandarin

Articles published in November 2019

  1. Can too much guidance make you learn less Chinese?

    Guidance and support can make learning Chinese easier, but could too much of it make it harder? This article discusses the downsides of receiving too much help and the benefits of engaging more with the Chinese language on your own, without having everything explained to you.

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  2. Why is listening in Chinese so hard?

    Most students think that listening in Chinese is hard, but how much of that is just listening being difficult in general and how much is attributable to Chinese specifically? This article covers both aspects and discusses reasons why listening is difficult, both in general and for Chinese in particular.

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  3. Chinese habit formation challenge, November 2019

    It’s time for a learning habit challenge! It starts on November 10th, so enrol, decide on a habit you desire to have and work your way towards forming it over the coming weeks. This article contains more information about the challenge, some important things to keep in mind as well as suggestions for what habits to aim for and how to get there.

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