Hacking Chinese

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Articles published in November 2015

  1. How to verify that you use the right Chinese font

    For second language learners, using the wrong font can make learning characters very confusing. In this article, I will help you verify that you have the right fonts installed and discuss what happens if you don’t. This is a follow-up to an earlier article about Chinese fonts for students.

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  2. Chinese character variants and font differences for language learners

    Small details sometimes matter when writing Chinese characters, but sometimes they don’t. Figuring out which details to pay attention to is made even harder by character variants and font differences!

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  3. One year of language challenges on Hacking Chinese

    Hacking Chinese Challenges has now been online for more than a year and it’s time to take a step back to evaluate the service. Have you tried it out yet? What did you think? This article contains a short survey as well as some of my own reflections about the past and future of language challenges.

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