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Articles published in November 2014

  1. Extensive reading challenge, November 2014: Progress report

    This month’s reading challenge is almost over and this is a brief discussion of the challenge so far. I talk a little bit about my own experience so far, but the main point is that I want to hear how the reading challenge has been for you, as well as what you have read in Chinese and want to recommend to other learners.

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  2. Hacking Chinese Pronunciation course now open for registration

    The Hacking Chinese pronunciation course is back in a new, heavily upgraded version! It contains a systematic assessment of your pronunciation, including detailed error analysis and in-depth explanations of priority problems, all done manually by me for your benefit. The number of slots for this course is limited!

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  3. How to find the time and motivation to read more Chinese

    How to find the time and motivation to read more Chinese

    Learning to read in Chinese requires time and motivation, and this is what this article is about. How do you make yourself read more? How do you stay motivated when learning? Don’t forget to share your own experiences in the comments!

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  4. The 10 best free reading resource collections for learning Chinese

    Reading is one of the most important skills when learning a foreign language, but what free resources are there to help you improve your reading ability in Chinese? This article lists ten excellent resource collections which provide you with more reading than you will ever need.

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  5. Extensive reading challenge, November 10th to 30th

    It’s time for this month’s challenge on Hacking Chinese! This time, reading Chinese will be in focus and the goal is simply to see how much you can read before the end of November. This posts contains information about the challenge, some suggestions for what to read and also some general tips about learning to read in Chinese.

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  6. Learning how to ask for and receive directions in Chinese

    Asking for and receiving directions in Chinese might look very easy, it’s usually in the first part of a textbook series after all, but most students go through that chapter without actually learning the content. In this article, I discuss how to really learn this skill.

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