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  1. 24 great resources for improving your Mandarin pronunciation

    In this article, I list 24 great resources for learning pronunciation. Naturally, some of them are limited to Mandarin Chinese, but many are more general in nature and works for other Chinese dialects or even other languages. Resources are sorted into Basic sound references, Pronunciation explained, Advice on learning pronunciation and Useful software and applications.

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  2. Sensible character challenge, January 11th to 31st

    It’s time for the first challenge of 2015! I have a feeling I’m not the only one who has fallen behind on vocabulary learning and reviewing, so this month’s challenge will focus on learning and characters and words. There are prizes on offer and the challenge starts on the Sunday 11th.

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  3. 7 ways of learning to write Chinese characters

    There are many ways of practising writing Chinese characters and they all have their pros and cons. In this article, I discuss seven different ways of practising and what advantages and disadvantages they have for you as a learner. Which do you use?

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  4. Sensible character learning challenge 2014: Milestone #1

    The first milestone in the 2014 sensible character learning challenge has now been reached! This is a good opportunity to join the challenge if you haven’t already, and if you have, it’s time to report how the first few weeks have gone. This article also contains information about prizes (character posters, free extensions and promo codes) for the first milestone, as well as my own reflections of my character learning.

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  5. Sensible Chinese character learning challenge 2014

    The 2014 sensible Chinese character learning challenge starts soon! This article introduces the challenge and how you join us. Apart from learning a lot of characters and improving the way you learn characters, you also get a discount and free extensions on Skritter, as well as a chance of winning character posters from Hanzi WallChart!

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  6. Sensible Chinese character learning revisited

    In a way, learning Chinese characters is very much like learning vocabulary in any foreign language and much of the efficient methods developed there works well for Chinese as well. However, characters are also fundamentally different from words in English and this influences how we should learn them as well. This article is a recap of how to learn Chinese characters in a sensible way. It is also a prologue for the upcoming character learning challenge.

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  7. 21 essential dictionaries and corpora for learning Chinese

    There are many online resources for looking up Chinese characters and words, so many that it might be very hard for new learners to find what they need. This article introduces 21 dictionaries and corpora for Chinese learners, including what they should be used for in addition to some pros and cons.

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