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  1. Goals and motivation for learning Chinese, part 2 – Long-term goals

    This is the second article in my series on goals and motivation. This time the topic is long-term goals and how to use them to enhance your studying. In essence, you will need to have goals on many different levels to make sure that you are moving in the right direction. Links to previous articles are presented at the beginning.

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  2. Why you should use more than one Chinese textbook

    Why you should use more than one Chinese textbook

    Studying a foreign language in a classroom situation (which should be most of us, I think) typically depends on a series of textbooks. What I’m discussing here is the value of using additional textbooks as a resource for more comprehensive vocabulary learning.

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  3. Pros and cons with travelling to learn a language

    It is often said that it’s very good to travel to learn languages. I don’t think this is true, at least not in the sense that most people believe. Travelling has some major language-learning benefits, but it’s far from a panacea.

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  4. Spaced repetition software and why you should use it

    Spaced repetition means that you review words you want to learn in certain intervals to maximise learning efficiency. Since this involves keeping track of much data, a computer program is needed to handle it properly. Spaced repetition software is very powerful and can be used for many things, but learning vocabulary and characters are perhaps the most important applications.

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  5. The virtues of learning Chinese through language exchange

    A language exchange is simply a relationship between two people who want to learn each other’s language. It is useful because it allows you to focus fully on language without having to worry that your ordinary friends think it’s taxing to be with you because you always ask so many questions.

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  6. About

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    On this page you will find information about Hacking Chinese and related topics: Learn more about Hacking Chinese Support Hacking Chinese Hire me as a tutor, coach or consultant Learn more about me Bibliography (separate page) Privacy policy and terms and conditions Contact me Learn more about Hacking Chinese I have studied three foreign languages: […]

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  7. Bibliography

    On this page I collect articles I have written elsewhere, both in print and online. I also include projects that I have participated in or contributed to, but most things listed here are created or written by me alone. I have omitted some articles I don’t think are worth listing here, along with a myriad […]

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