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Articles by me published elsewhere: September 2015 round-up

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Not everything I write about learning Chinese ends up here on Hacking Chinese. Some things will be available later as Hacking Chinese articles or projects, but much is written for other websites.

Below, I have listed articles written by me but published elsewhere before the start of September. I have also updated my bibliography if you want more things to read.

Various articles about Mandarin on About.com
August, 2015 – About.com
These articles were all published on About.com through my role as Mandarin expert writer there:

  1. Liu Cixin’s triolgy The Three-Body Problem: The first Chinese novel to win the Hugo Award
  2. Colloquial names of Chinese radicals: Talking about characters in Mandarin
  3. Talking about Chinese characters in Mandarin: Describing characters without writing them
  4. The Kangxi radicals: And why they aren’t as useful as you might think
  5. Chinese character components and radicals: Why radicals aren’t as important as you think
  6. Why do Mandarin words sound so similar? No, it’s not just you
  7. Learning Mandarin in Mandarin: Why you should avoid English whenever possible
  8. Mandarin sound references: An overview
  9. Tone changes in Mandarin: Obligatory and optional tone changes

Mandarin tone changes in Skritter
August, 2015 – Skritter
How are tone changes displayed in Skritter? Why do we change the tones for 一 and 不, but don’t show third tone sandhi? What about the neutral tone? This article discusses these questions and how tone changes work in Skritter and in general.

That’s it for now! I will keep posting one article round-up every month, collecting the articles from the previous months. If you like Hacking Chinese or what I’m writing in general, the best thing you can do is to share! If you want to read more about my different roles on Skritter and About.com, please read the first monthly round-up. If you want to view all articles written by me but published elsewhere, check my bibliography page.

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