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Articles by me published elsewhere: October 2015 round-up

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Not everything I write about learning Chinese ends up here on Hacking Chinese. Some things will be available later as Hacking Chinese articles or projects, but much is written for other websites.

Below, I have listed articles written by me but published elsewhere before the start of October. I have also updated my bibliography if you want more things to read.

Various articles about Mandarin on About.com
September, 2015 – About.com
These articles were all published on About.com through my role as Mandarin expert writer there:

  1. Mandarin Chinese textbooks: Which to get and what to look out for
  2. Using hobbies to learn Mandarin: Increasing motivation to learn more
  3. Why motivation is key when learning Mandarin: How to spend more time and learn more
  4. Advanced listening with Qiang Qiang San Ren Xing
  5. Learn to communicate in Mandarin: Communicate to learn
  6. How to pronounce Wen Jiabao, China’s former premier
  7. How to pronounce Hu Jintao, China’s former president
  8. How to pronounce Li Keqiang, China’s premier

Why it’s important to learn correct stroke order for Chinese characters
September, 2015 – Skritter
As a beginner, it might not be obvious why you should pay attention to stroke order. Skritter will help you, but not enough unless you increase the strictness. This article explains why you should learn correct stroke order from the start.

Hacking the most difficult Chinese characters (4-6)
September, 2015 – Skritter
This article is about learning difficult characters and brings up three examples based on which characters Skritter users have most trouble with. They all happen to be semantic-phonetic compounds, so this further stresses the importance of understanding such characters.

That’s it for now! I will keep posting one article round-up every month, collecting the articles from the previous months. If you like Hacking Chinese or what I’m writing in general, the best thing you can do is to share! If you want to read more about my different roles on Skritter and About.com, please read the first monthly round-up. If you want to view all articles written by me but published elsewhere, check my bibliography page.

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